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Search assistant: Each time you select an icon while searching a recipe, program automatically deselects all unrelated icons so you don’t have to worry about getting an empty search. Practically said: you can’t select pork when making a cake!

Recipes are carefully selected for the best cooking experience.

Easy to use interface for using the app while cooking.

Each recipe contains mouthwatering picture.

All recipes in our database are tried out.

Meal Planner

Add recipes and foods you eat into your meal planner and track your nutritional intake in health meter.

Innovative Nutrition Presentation and Health Meter

Track your nutrition intake the easy way.

Innovative graphic presentation of nutrition will give you just the right information you need to know whether your intake is too high or too low compared to RDA.

Recipe Sorting

Sort recipes by nutrition facts, rating, time, views and alphabet.

Default sort view is based on recipe database insert time – last inserted recipe is first.

Favorites, Rate and View Count

Add any recipe to your favorites recipe list.

Rate any recipe and view your rate at later time. You can also view recipe rating from all users in recipe sorting list.

See also how many times recipe was viewed.

Change Servings

Do you expect 9 dinner guests, but the recipe only serves 4? No problem! Just change the number of servings from 4 to 9 and all ingredient quantities will change automatically.

Diets and Recipes by Time

Search and select recipes based on different diets or by desired time.

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